What causes one to give up the life of beaches and fun in Naples, Florida and live among the poor in Ethiopia? 


God’s call. A heartfelt story of one young woman’s journey to follow the Lord in all things great and small leads the reader through other dimensions of life, love, tragedy and redemption.


At 17, writer and photographer, Marcie Erickson heard God calling her to the missions. After spending a decade in Ethiopia, starting Grace Center after the adoption of the first three of her now eight children, Marcie shares in depth the joys and sorrows of a life in service to God. 


“Marcie is a courageous woman who takes Acts 1:8 seriously to be God’s witness to ‘the ends of the earth!’ … Marcie’s story is one that will certainly inspire each of us to look at our lives and walk with God differently. She understands what it means to live a sacrificial life as a disciple of Jesus who told his disciples, ‘Anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.’ Luke 14:17”

- Marilyn Mitchell, Master of Divinity, Ashland Seminary 


Mama Meheret, Memoir of a Missionary