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A message from Amy Minard, Grace Center Director:


A few days ago I was talking with one of our mothers, her beautiful toddler secure on her back. “Do you have enough food for today?” I asked. “Yes”, she replied, “but we have no food for tomorrow." As many of you know, we had to temporarily close our Grace daycare due to health in regards to COVID-19 prevention. Our daycare allows over 70 single mothers (and a few single fathers) to be able to work and provide for their families. Our daycare is a very highly effective orphan prevention program. Although I see poverty on a regular basis here and although I knew we had food for this mother and her child, my eyes welled up with tears. I teared up because this woman represents the millions who can’t stock up on two weeks of food, or buy soap, pay for medical care or even have easily accessible water nearby to wash their hands. My heart hurt at the brokenness of these beautiful individuals who are no less important or valuable than any of us...just born in a different situation. Life can be so unjust, so unfair....yet we see glimpses of Gods goodness in the midst of the chaos and sadness. God's love and peace rest upon those in poverty in a way many of us wouldn’t understand or notice.


We are often to busy focusing on our accounts, careers, education, property, or businesses to notice the hand of God. These women (far more than pictured) are so very thankful to God for basic food for their family. They aren’t worried anymore about tomorrow. God has provided for them through Grace Center today. Pray with us that all donations and food would multiply like the loaves and fish, like the widows flour and oil, to be enough for the weeks or months ahead. Even in this time of the unknown, when the world is far from stable and even farther from being at peace...our God is a mighty fortress! A refuge for the weak! We know he will continue to move hearts to give during this time of need. When you head to the store for your next two weeks worth of food, remember to thank God for his provision, and please say a prayer for our mothers and their children...who, like the birds of the air, trust their Heavenly Father to provide for them.

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